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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

VB/.NET – Helpful Resources

This page contains resources for those who are wanting to start programming in Visual Basic and/or Visual Basic.NET. So if your very new at VB programming, then hopefully some of the resources below will get you started…
Note: Visual Basic .NET 2002/2003 and VB 2005/2008/2010 Resources are near the bottom of this page. It starts right after the VB 5.0/6.0 finishes. So just scroll down this page till you see the VB.NET title.

Last Updated: 2010, August 08th
Added a new link for Visual Basic 2008/2010 to a nice set of source code and examples for programming the Windows Phone Platform. Especially Windows Phone OS 7.1. Info is located under the VB 6.0 section.


Visual Basic 6.0

These links are to articles/tutorials/resources related to the classic versions of VB which is VB 5.0 and VB 6.0.

Title: Optimize String Handling in VB 6.0

Info: This link will take youto a Two part article on how to do many tips and tricks to greatly enhance/speed up code when dealing with Strings in Visual Basic. Definitely worth checking out!
Link: Click Here 

Title: Learn Visual Basic 6.0 – The Complete Tutorial

Info I added: This tutorial was listed on a post I made a few months ago. But since this tutorial is very thorough in going over Visual Basic it should be listed here as well. There are actually 23 Lessons available. It starts out at the very basics like putting controls on a form and goes all the way up to: Error Handling, Working with Events, Database Programming, MDI Applications, Graphics and Much More…
Link: Click Here 

Title: Visual Basic Tutor

Info: The tutorial provides an easy yet comprehensive approach to VB  programming. It consists of twenty six lessons. I guarantee that  you will be able to acquire very good  VB programming skills if you study all the lessons thoroughly and practice a lot on your own. I hope that all of you can spend some time to read through all the lessons instead of quickly surf to other places. Besides, you should also check out the VBA tutorial page to learn more on the basics of VB. In addition, you must visit VB Today because it provides a new VB program daily!
Link: Click Here 

Title: Visual Basic Tutorial – Introduction

Info: Until now, the tutorials at VB Web have focused on specific topics and points, and complete beginners could easily be overwhelmed. This tutorial is aimed directly at beginners. I will explain what VB is, where you can get it from, and get you started making your first VB program.
Link: Click Here 

Title: Introduction to Visual Basic

Info: This book is meant for the beginner. Its primary purpose is to get you up and writing programs in the shortest possible time. For that reason I take a very practical approach (thus the title). My goal is that you be able to function as a competent Visual Basic programmer in at the end of this book, and write useful programs. That means that I don’t go in depth into theory, or into advanced topics. However this book should provide you with the ground work necessary to move on to more advanced programming topics. While some of the code examples and lessons can be accomplished with Visual Basic 4, 5, or 6, much will require Visual Basic 6.0.
Note: It is worth mentioning that to download the pdf or word articles you have to enter your email address which will sign you up for their newsletter. They say you can cancel the newsletter whenever you want to though.
Link (PDF/Word Formats): Click Here 
This is a link to to his website which appears to have alot of the stuff that the pdf and word document has. I am not sure how much or anything though. The site uses frames so I can’t give a direct link to the tutorial. Go to the link below and then in the left menu under “VB 6.0 Material” Click on “Intro To Visual Basic” link which is the first chapter of the book. Each link under the “VB 6.0 Material” section appears to be related to the E-Book.
Link #2 (Online Webpage): Click Here 
Visual Basic.NET 2002/2003 and/or VB .NET 2005/2008/2010

These links are to articles/tutorials/resources related to the VB.NET languages. While all of the .NET languages has many things in common, the newer 2005 and 2008 versions has new features and such that may Not be supported in the earlier versions of Visual Basic.NET. So you may want to pay attention to whether a article or tutorial covers a feature that is not a part of the earlier dot nets.

Title: Code Samples for Programming Windows Phone 7.1

Info: Windows Phone developers can download these code samples and applications, such as Panorama/Pivot Control, Bing Maps, and a unit converter, to experiment with the Windows Phone Application Platform. New samples will be added to this page periodically, so check back often and see what’s new.
Link: Click Here

Title: Visual Basic 2005/2008 “How Do I” Videos

Info: Microsoft has many videos on how to do Many different things with Visual Basic.NET. Many subjects including linq, database, Microsoft Office/Excel, ClickOnce, and Much more is covered. Click the link below to see what all they have available. It is definitely worth looking at
Link: Click Here 

Title: Visual Basic .NET Programming for Beginners

Info: This Home and Learn computer course is an introduction to Visual Basic.NET programming for beginners. This course assumes that you have no programming experience whatsoever. It’s a lot easier than you think, and can be a very rewarding hobby!
Link: Click Here 

Title: Learning Visual Basic .NET

Info: In this chapter, you will create a very simple application that does nothing more than display the words “Hello World” to your monitor. This basic console application is the traditional first program for learning any new language; it demonstrates some of the basic elements of a VB.NET program.
Link: Click Here 

Title: Your First Visual Basic .NET Applications

Info: This chapter will introduce the integrated development environment (IDE) and show you how to create your first Visual Basic .NET application. While this application is more fun than a realworld example, it will demonstrate Visual Basic .NET’s versatility in creating applications with text, graphics, and user interaction.
Link: Click Here 

Title: Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

Info: Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET is the complete technical guide to upgrading Visual Basic 6 applications to Visual Basic .NET, covering all upgrade topics from APIs to ZOrders. It shows how to fix upgrade issues with forms, language, data access, and COM+ Services, and how to upgrade applications with XML Web services, ADO.NET, and .NET remoting. It also provides big-picture architectural advice, a reference of function and object model changes, hundreds of before-and-after code samples, and a CD packed with useful examples.
Link: Click Here 

Title: Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for Developers

Info: Get a focused, first look at the features and capabilities in Microsoft Visual Basic 2005, Visual Studio 2005, and the .NET Framework 2.0. If you currently work with Visual Basic 6, these authors fully understand the adoption and code migration issues you’ll encounter. They’ll step you through a quick primer on .NET Framework programming, offering guidance for a productive transition. If you already work with .NET, you’ll jump directly into what’s new, learning how to extend your existing skills. From the innovations in rapid application development, debugging, and deployment, to new data access, desktop, and Web programming capabilities, you get the insights and code walkthroughs you need to be productive right away.
Link: Click Here 

Title: Visual Basic .NET Essentials

Info: Visual Basic Essentials is an online book designed to aid both novices and experienced programmers in learning Visual Basic. Using theory, code examples and screenshots, this book is intended to provide everything necessary to begin developing Windows applications in Visual Basic.
Link: Click Here